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”It smells spectacular! I absolutely love how I've created a ritual for myself, and OMG - so much energy. I've been more on top of things and in the zone in the last two weeks than the whole of lockdown. The spray and the roller have really helped me be more motivated working from home. Helped me progress my projects at work. I feel aligned."

”I absolutely love the spray. The roller was soothing, but I'm a spray girl. There is something so special about that spray. Like, it changes your auric field. The roller feels more physical and in tune with my body... but with the spray I felt it working in my aura. It really feels like it's working on the subtle realms. Loved it!”

”I loved the smell. My kids remarked on how nice I smelt too. It really soothed me. I've been able to deal with what has happened in a much lighter way, I feel stronger. Not so crippled by the heaviness.”

"I just wanted to let you know that my meditation sessions have really developed. I have been using the Cosmic Meditation roller and it is amazing! Coupled with the new selenite crystal I bought, I have never been able to be so focused! So, thank you."

"I bought a Low Vibes to High Vibes spray and a Total Calm roll on for my kids as I thought they would be good for them as they went back to school after lockdown, but I loved them both so much that I stole them for myself! I keep one on my desk and one in my handbag. I start my day with a spray to get me ready to tackle the day. Absolutely love them!"

"Wonderfully blended sprays that have helped settle and uplift my energy. Total Calm helps settle stress and is great for meditation. Soothe your grief gives me inner peace and Wild Woman helps lift my energy and focus and is great for ticking off goals."

”I needed motivation, I was feeling apathetic. I got a LOT of energy from using it. It's definitely been effective. And yes, it was really powerful. Great smell too. You're really onto something here.”

”I had a really deep chart reading about shifting into my divine feminine, and this blend has really assisted me. When the oils arrived I smelled them and realised this was going to be something I could use to come home to my true nature. I use the roller daily and the spray more for deep meditation or a ritual/practice to bring me into the feminine. I love the smell.”


a purse or bag in which to carry or measure valuables (such as diamonds or gold dust)

\ ˈbəls \

broadly : a parcel of jewels.

B U L S E  |

Plant based, small batch creations.

Handcrafted with love + intention.

Marrickville, Sydney, Australia.

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