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Download Foot Reflexology Map for Bulse Pulse Point RemediesDownload Foot Reflexology Map for Bulse Pulse Point Remedies

When you purchase a Bulse spray mist you will receive a card in your package that provides the process for how to encode the Herkimer Diamond in your spray bottle. Should you lose that card ... just click the image, and download the pdf!

There are many places to use your Pulse Point Remedy roller, and if you want to target certain organs or areas of your body - this map will truly help you. Click to download, and be intentional.

To harmonise and balance I use the BioGeometry BioSignatures Emitter. Print it out, place it on your altar and use it to harmonise your bottles if you don't have a charging plate - this makes an excellent charging plate. Please do not laminate the emitter as this lowers it's effect. 

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Books to Read


Bulse's sister company. These sprays utilise key scientific + energetic principles to bring you back to you, aligned and renewed. Think renewed lifeforce, healing and self care in a bottle. They’re scientific, they immediately clear your field/aura + they work at a cellular level to facilitate balance and harmony throughout your energetic being. And used over time, they enable deep change.

BioGeometry is a new field for health. It's the science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems & harmonize their interactions with the environment. BioGeometry signatures use the concept of energy in motion to tap into the body’s blockages from a metaphysical to physical clearing state.

Smudge With Good IntentionsSmudge With Good Intentions

I just LOVE these smudge sticks. They're created with such love and power. And you can really feel their effect on the environment after you use them, very powerful in their clearing.

Herbals and Native Smudge SticksHerbals and Native Smudge Sticks

This amazing company takes herbal extracts to a new level by using the entire plant for the extract - body, mind and spirit. Following traditional alchemical methods of preparation through an evolutionary process called Spagyric Alchemy, these native botanicals are intentionally prepared in synchronicity with the cycles of nature to bring forth alignment with self and a deeper connection to the wisdom of the plants. Their smudge sticks restore balance in a different way. Eucalyptus and She Oak have been used for hundreds of years to aid the immune system, to protect and cleanse, for fertility and hormonal imbalance. 

 Natural Remedy Tonics Natural Remedy Tonics

I drink a fair bit of water, but it can get a bit boring so I mix it up whilst incorporating such goodness. Natural Remedy Tonics range of concentrated herbal tonics - made with the goodness of real, premium ingredients crafted in small batches using traditional methods - with no added sugar. From highly concentrated Turmeric & Curcumin to real, natural and authentic Sarsaparilla, an antioxidant rich Ginseng, Ginkgo & Brahmi formulation, a refreshing & flavoursome Cayenne Chilli spice sensation to a 100% Australian grown Cherry Juice with Naturopath formulated herbal complex. I just love them.

For me tools come in all shapes and sizes. I've hunted across the world and found what works for me - and these are a staple. Especially the RLX. I manage anxiety with my oils and sprays - as well as meditation, journaling, exercise and a peaceful nurturing routine - but RLX is the one thing that will ALWAYS save me. So i always have it to hand.

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Plant based, small batch creations.
Handcrafted with love + intention.
Marrickville, Sydney, Australia.
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